User tips

Storage temperature

Pâté, a fresh product, must be stored in a dry cooler at a maximum temperature of 7°C.

Cutting pâté

1. Use a very sharp knife and well-chilled pâté

2. Remove the rim of fat from the first slice

3. Cut the first slice at an angle of 45°

4. Then cut all around the first slice

5. Place the knife at the cutting edge of the first slice

6. Carefully lift the slice from the terrine

7. Always wipe the terrine clean after each slice is cut

8. Always cover the cutting surface with plastic foil after use. Make sure that the foil sticks to the pâté to prevent discolouration.

Hygienic appearance

ZMake sure your pâté dishes look neat. Dishes with dried edges do not stimulate sales. An untended, cut pâté will not sell, because the consumer associates it with an old and stale product. A tasty looking and well-tended pâté certainly promotes sales. Briefly put, care is an essential link in successful sales.

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