The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, commonly called BRC Food, is a food safety standard that the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the UK’s retail trade association, developed in 1998.

In its current form, the standard sets requirements for a supplier’s food safety system: requirements are specified for the HACCP system, the quality management system and the basic conditions programme of food producers. Management responsibility, environmental conditions (production or process facilities), product and process control, and the training and personal hygiene of employees are also covered. The various elements of the standard are tested against a detailed checklist containing over 300 checkpoints.

In the new version (version 6), food defence requirements have been tightened up. Companies must have drawn up and implemented a food defence plan.



The terms ‘bio’ and ‘biological’ are protected terms. Not just anyone can use them. If your company wishes to market products referring to the biological (organic) production method, you must comply with the production rules as laid down in the legislation and you must be inspected against these standards. You must also have the inspection carried out by an approved inspection body.


"Beter Leven" Label

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has developed the "Beter Leven" Label (Better Life) to make more animal-friendly products recognisable to consumers, so they can make an informed choice. Companies that participate in the "Beter Leven" Label are under the control of an independent organisation, so consumers get value for money and the animals a Better Life.

IMPORTANT: The "Beter Leven" Label is awarded to each product separately.
More info: www.beterlevenkeurmerk.nl


"Beter voor Iedereen" Label

Studies show that we do not get enough omega 3 through our diet. However, these fatty acids are richly present in sources such as linseed, rapeseed, oily fish and egg yolk. For whatever reason, these food products do not seem to end up on our plates often enough. The Healthy Farming Association (HFA) wishes to help solve this problem by marketing more products containing a higher amount of omega 3 (in a ratio with omega 6 fatty acids as recommended by the Superior Health Council). This is done naturally, namely by feeding the cattle differently. The HFA is now focusing on pork (the most consumed meat in the world) and eggs, and you can already find the "Beter voor Iedereen" Label (Better for Everyone) on these products.


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